How to compress video file? Or even an audio file…

Why should you need to compress a video file? Or any file for that matter.

Uploading or downloading large video or audio file is a very big issue. Everyone wants the best quality while filming. So, no one cares about the size of the file. But, while uploading, we realise the importance of the file size. With less internet speeds, uploading large files takes forever to get uploaded. In some blogs or media consumption website may have a size limit for uploading. Even WordPress has that limit.

So, in order to overcome this time-taking issue, we have a software called “Handbrake”. What this software does is, it reduces the size of the audio or video file upto 90% of its original, without effecting the quality of the file.

To  compress video file or an audio file, follow the steps given below

Step 1:

Download the handbrake software from their official website at “”. Download and install the software. It is very similar to any other installation, this software helps you to “compress video file” or an audio file.

Once you are done installing, you should be having a desktop icon unless you denied the icon while installing. Well… Open it, you will see this.

Step 2:

Drag and drop the file to be compressed, into the software on this screen. As you see in the picture below, the video is 305 Mb.

Step 3:

Now, you will see the options like video, audio, subtitles and all. And put the format in MP4. 

Step 4:

First lets compress the video part. Click on the video option as shown in the above image. You will see some option on the screen as shown in the picture below. Slide it to set a quality. Remember that as the number on the scale increases the size of the file reduces.

You may also alter the setting for audio or subtitles.

Step 5:

When you are done with all of it. Click on “browse” and set a destination for the file, give it a name and save. Now, click on start encode.


The compressing process starts, once its done 100%, you will see the difference.

Here’s the difference 305 Mb to 9Mb. I increased the scale too much(just to show you the difference). That’s the reason, it has got a drastic change, the video quality reduced. But, when you do this, don’t increase the number on the scale too much. If you do this without increasing too much, you will get a compressed video file with a good video quality. If you have seen the video on the previous article “” , that was actually compressed to 20 Mb from 300Mb. As you see it, the quality is flawless.

Thanks for reading! I hope, “how to compress video file?” is answered and helped, feel free to shoot questions.


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