How to convert any video to a GIF? Convert video to gif! And how’s GIF different from all other formats?

Convert video to gif!

There are various compressed image formats, and GIF is one of them. Before we convert video to GIF, let’s see how it is different from all other formats like JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG and EPS.

JPG (Joint):

JPG, it is capable of displaying millions of colours. In JPG format the data is very much compressed. This has one advantage and one disadvantage, advantage is that it is perfect to share online and the disadvantage is that, some details are lost, also some minor colour losses are seen.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics):

PNG is similar to JPG, when it comes to colours featured and the compression of the file. And also take the advantage that a gif has, the sharpness of the edges and text. The disadvantage is that, it can only be used online.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) :

It is capable of featuring only 256 colours, but very useful when it comes to size and sharpness of text and image. It’s is now so popular these days. Because of those funny short video like files spreading all over the social media.

TIFF (Tag Image File Format):

It is capable of displaying millions of colours. The main differences between JPG and TIFF formats is, unlike the JPG format, TIFF format doesn’t compress the file or at least, it is not noticeable. So, no colour losses. Due to its large size, it is not compatible with all applications.


EPS (Encapsulated Postscript Vector):

This format is scalable, which means, when you take an image, different application demands different sizes. When you use JPG, when the size is altered, you may lose some detail. But the only downside is that, it can only be used through some graphic design softwares.

Here’s a side by side image format comparison

 convert video to gifImage link

Steps to Convert video to gif on a PC

Step 1: Search for “GIPHY” on the internet and open the site of “GIPHY”, now hit on create.

 convert video to gif

Step 2: Now, upload a video that you already have or paste the URL of a video from YouTube or something. The video will be playing on the screen.

 convert video to gif

Step 3: Drag or scroll until you are good with the length and the exact frame in the video. When it is all set, add a caption and there is also an option to give it a link.

 convert video to gif

Step 4: Once you set all the captions, URL and tags, you will see a preview on the screen.

 convert video to gif

Step 5: You will get download option and hit on download. Done! You have your GIF.

 convert video to gif

So, this is how you can use GIPHY to convert a video file to a GIF. You can do the same on your smart phone or you can download a gif making app like boomerang, which has become very famous these days.



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