DIY Power Bank.

Power banks! These are one of the most useful accessories when it comes to productivity. Making one yourself using very minimal equipment is interesting. So, let’s start DIY Power Bank.

Things you need for DIY Power Bank.

All the things we need to build a power bank are:

  1. A USB female connector.
  2. 7805 IC (5v Voltage regulator)
  3. A 9v  battery
  4. Soldering iron and glue.

If you have read my previous article on making a Hand crank or hand powered phone charger. You could guess how this power bank is being built. The only difference between that hand powered charger and this power bank diy is the energy generation source. In hand powered charger we have used a DC motor and here in this power bank diy we use a 9v battery.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Take a 7805 IC (5V Voltage regulator), there are three terminals. Input terminal, output terminal and ground. Take a USB female connector, it has four wires they are red, black, green and white. Cut down the green and white wires. Peal off the insulation of red(+ve) and black(-ve) wires.

Step 2: Connect the output port of the 7805 IC  to the positive terminal of USB female connector. And the ground terminal of the 7805 IC to the negative terminal of the USB female connector.

Step 3: Now, connect the input terminal of the 7805 IC to the positive terminal of the 9 volts battery. And the negative of the 9 volts battery should be connected to the ground of IC 7805.

Refer to the circuit diagram below to connect the terminals correctly.

After all the connections, test your circuit by a multi-meter or just connect a device to the USB female connector to charge.

It works! I tested it with some other smartphones too, it worked. It doesn’t work for an iOS devices, I used an iPod and it did work. There are some other requirements for a power bank to work for an iOS device.



I glued all the wires and the IC. Here’s how it looks like,

The video above was 28 MB when shot, but after compressing it, it is now 1.66 MB. Learn how to compress video or audio files in the link here Compress any audio or video file.

Once you test the connections, just make your power bank handy. Use your creativity to make your power bank portable. So, this was DIY Power Bank.

And buy the things used for this diy here
If you don’t want to make it or just want some more capacity buy power banks here


Thanks for reading.

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