Phone battery dies quickly? Here’s the fix!

Phone battery dies quickly…

My phone was actually acting weird lately. That was shutting down at 30% of charge in it. And when I start charging it again, immediately it shows 30% and when i unplug it, again phone gets switched off. After a great search on the internet, blackberry forums and all.. I found a few reasons for it. So, let’s talk fix for this issue “phone battery dies quickly”.

I thought the problem might be with the battery and thought of changing the battery. But by the search on the internet I have come to a conclusion that, it might not be the only reason for this weird behaviour of the battery. Sometimes our phone forgets the battery’s capacity and displays wrong percentage. So, all we need to do is restart the battery and phone connection. How to do that????


Well, here we go. As I use a Blackberry Z10 , the battery was removable. Don’t worry if your device’s battery is non-removable.  There are also techniques for the phones with non-removable batteries. But first let me tell you about the device with removable battery. This trick actually works for any phone!

Step 1:

Take out the battery from your device.

Step 2 :

Connect your device to the charger without battery.


Step 3:

Now insert the battery without removing the device from charging.

Step 4:

Charge it to 100%. And discharge it to 0%.

Step 5:

Finally repeat all the steps from step 1.

This should fix the problem because, this is exactly what I did and it worked for my phone.

Now, let’s see the fix for the devices with non removable batteries. In this case there might be two fixes 1. Battery replacement and 2. Calibration.

What??? Calibration on a device with non removable battery? Yes, calibration can be done by doing something similar to battery pulling on a battery removable device.

For an iPhone, when home button and lock button are pressed simultaneously, the phone experiences the same effect as if the phone’s battery is removed.

For a Blackberry Z30 for which the battery is non removable, when both volume buttons are pressed simultaneously, the phone experiences the same effect as if the phone’s battery is removed.

For a phone with non removable battery, here are the steps to calibrate.

Step 1:

Discharge your battery completely to 0%.

Step 2:

Charge your phone completely to 100%. Don’t unplug the phone from charging yet, keep charging for an hour.

Step 3:

Repeat step 1 and step 2.

This should work for any phone it the problem is with calibration. If the problem isn’t fixed, then maybe your phone is demanding a new battery.

Hope this experience of mine was helpful for the issue, “phone battery dies quickly”.

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