How to fix speaker not working problem due to the broken wire of a speaker? Also learn how to fix the broken wire of headphones.

We all might have faced this horrible situation where our beloved headphones or speakers wire broken. Also sometimes our headphone only work on one side… Everything with the device will be good but the wire, “speaker not working” situation.. I personally experienced this awful situation, after a great research on the internet, asking experts and all, I finally fixed my speakers wire…:):) Now these work perfectly fine, and the sound is better than ever!! Let’s fix speaker.

So how to fix it?

Before actually fixing it, we need to know a few things about the wire of a speaker or a headphone..

Now, when we take off the insulating rubber of the particular wire, we usually see 3 or 4 tiny wires. The 3 wired headphones doesn’t have a microphone, the fourth wire in a 4 wires device is for microphone. And connection is same for both 3 wired or 4 wired headphone or speaker wire. I missed taking a picture before I removed the coating. So, Check out the image below..

So, as you see, each wire is assigned a colour. And each colour has a significance. The colour coating is actually like an enamel. If you remove the enamel, you will see an ordinary conducting wire.

The conduction only takes place, when the enamel is removed. Only then, the wire conducts. In order to remove the coloured coating just burn the colour wire under a small flame, and peal off the coating.

From the picture above you may notice this.

Gold wire – Right

Green wire – left

Blue wire – common

Red wire- mic

In the case of a normal output speaker there are 3 wires..

Now, let’s see where to connect these wires in a jack.


fix speaker
Final step and the most critical step is to solder these tiny wires to the the correct position on the jack. Make sure that those 3 or 4 wires doesn’t touch one another, it they one wire touches other, since there is no enamel coating those wires get shortened and the speaker or the headphone doesn’t work!

Oh yeah, I know my speakers wire doesn’t look clean but that works perfectly. Also we may add some detail or cover the solders part, using glue or even some colour.. Hope this helps you fix speaker.

After all this my speaker is perfectly working..

fix speaker

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