How to make a fidget spinner without bearings? diy fitget spinner.

The fidget spinner! This thing is going crazy on the internet lately. So, I thought of making a diy fidget spinner without bearings myself. But, what’s their purpose? Why should anyone use them? Well… The simple answer I got after reading a lot of reviews on the internet that, they make people engaged or at least give people some movement. These ultimately lead to reducing the stress!

So, here is the DIY of fidget spinner without bearings. The reason why I am specifying ” without bearings” because it’s kind of less complicated to make these fidgets without bearings.

Before we get into the making, checkout the spinner in the video below. Your fidget would look something like that once you finish all the steps.

The video you see above was actually 29MB when I captured it. But after compressing it is now 1.97 MB! Learn how to compress any video file here


All the things you need to make your own fidget spinner are:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Geometry cumpus and a protractor (to draw the required circles)
  3. Scissors and some glue
  4. toothpick
  5. Small weights (I used small nuts)

Step 1:  Take a cardboard and draw a circle with the radius that fits with your fingers while spinning.

Step 2: Mark in such a way that the circle drawn is divided into six equal parts. That is the angle made between the adjacent lines should be 60 degrees.. And all these are not fixed measurements and shapes, you may cut a cardboard in any shape you like. I was just sharing what all measurements I took.

Step 3: Now, draw small circles on the radii lines drawn at an angle 60 degrees. As shown in the diagram below.

Step 4: Draw three arcs connecting two adjacent small circles a shown below. Cut the border obtained carefully.

Step 5: Take three small weights like small nuts, and glue it at the edges of the fidget shape. Paint the fidget with your desired colour.

Step 6: Take a toothpick and two small rectangular or circular cardboard pieces, making holes on the two small cardboard pieces, insert them and the actually fidget shape into the toothpick keeping the fidget at the centre. As shown below.

Also put those nuts on three edges of the fidget spinner.

Step 7: Glue the small cardboard pieces on either side of the fidget to the toothpick. But be careful while doing that. The toothpick must not be glued with the fidget. It obstructs the rotation of the fidget.


Step 8:  Now, test your fidget.

If you don’t feel like building all of this, buy one here  

And this one is a batman(s) fidget spinner…;)



These fidgets help people who constantly need something to play with while doing something brainstorming or when tensed.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your views on this.

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