Making a hand crank phone charger.

What actually a hand crank phone charger does is, it charges devices with the electricity generated mechanically. So, the one I made does charge phones, power banks, mp3 players etc… But for some reason doesn’t charge iPhones with the lightning cable. There must be some specific requirements for it. Anyways it does gives that extra juice to your smart phone, Bluetooth headphones, speakers and most importantly to your power bank. It could help your dying device from dying, when there is no power socket available.

Hand crank phone charger.

let me tell you what all you need to build one,

  1. A DC Motor.
  2. A USB female connector.
  3. 7805 IC (5V Voltage regulator)
  4. A thin rod.
  5. Soldering iron and glue.

In case you have read one of my previous articles on Homemade power generator! You will be knowing that i said i would do a second part for it and this is it.

You may ask, why did you use that IC? Why didn’t you connect the motor directly to the USB and charge, like we did in the previous article? Well, the reason is, the output voltage we get from the motor varies and it is higher than 5V. So, if we supply higher voltage to the mobile phone, there is a higher risk of damaging the device.

Let’s get started with the steps…

Step 1: Insert some support in order to rotate the rotor of the motor.

Step 2: Take the female USB port and remove the rubber coating, you should see four wires they are red, black, green and white. Cut down the green and white wires. Peal off the insulation of red(+ve) and black(-ve) wires.

Step 3: Now, using soldering iron connect this circuit as per the circuit diagram shown below. That is, connect +ve of the motor to IC input, output of the IC to +ve of the female USB and now make the ground connections (connect -ve of motor and USB to the ground of IC).

hand crank phone charger

hand crank phone chargerhand crank phone charger

Step 4: Glue the IC and the USB to the motor. And this is what it looks like.

hand crank phone charger

Let’s test now!

The above video you see, was actually 28 MB when i shot it, after I compressed it, that is the video you see now is 2.8 MB. To learn doing this, check out How to compress any audio or video file?

Of course this doesn’t fully charge your mobile phone, but it can clearly help your phone from dying. As this device charges your power bank, that’s an advantage.

Finally, make your charger neat. That’s up to your creativity. By now the device is done, make a case, paint etc… Now you have a working hand crank phone charger.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask any questions on this…

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