Laptop fix. Laptop fan noise fix!

Sometimes laptops suddenly starts making a very disturbing noise. The cooling system of the laptop might be the main reason for this. I have also recently experienced this situation with my Dell laptop and tried a number of things to fix it. Finally I have fixed this noise. I am here to share those laptop fixes. Hopefully these fixes help you get rid of those disturbing noises. These fixes also help those who are experiencing sudden PC  shut downs. Let’s start laptop fix.

So, let’s first see all the possible reasons that might cause these noises

1. Over load:

The first thing I did was close all the unused programs. When you give a lot of load to the CPU, the CPU has to do a lot of this at a time and the heat generated with this causes the fan in the laptop to spin at a very high speed constantly for a long time, this may cause the noise.

How to fix this? Well.. We have something called task manager, where all the programs that are running are shown. It even shows the percentage of CPU usage by each program. By closing all the programs that are not in use can make it easier for the CPU to handle and the noise can be reduced. This might also be caused due to the lack of air circulation around the laptop.

2. Dust in the CPU:

In course of time, old laptops may have some dust inside, and that dust blocks the spinning fan inside the laptop and this may cause the noise. This is the most common reason for the a noisy laptop. Here’s what I did. Take a hand pump. I have this hand pump or what ever that blows or sucks air.


Now, switch off your laptop and try to blow air through all the openings present on the laptop to clean the fan present inside the laptop. This should clean the dust for the most part. This is one of the things I did and it worked for me.

3. The third thing

What I did was, I completely restored my laptop. If you use a windows 10 operating system, then 1) Go to setting 2) Search for reset 3) Preferably perform the advanced startup, this removes everything from the laptop, including files. So, be very careful while doing this, backup all your data, copy all your data to a hard-disc. Then perform this advanced startup. This actually helped my pc to run fast. Also helped me with the noise.

These three fixed my noisy laptop. Now my device works fine. If these fixes doesn’t work for you, maybe replacing your laptops fan might surely work.

Thanks for reading “Laptop fix. Laptop fan noise fix!” and let me know, if they worked for you.





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