How to solve Rubik’s cube? Part-1.

What I have seen is that, a lot of amazing discoveries and inventions were either unexpected happenings or accidents. Rubi’s cube, as a puzzle was unexpected. And now it has become challenging to solve rubik’s cube.

A glance on the history now!

It was created by Erno Rubik. He made the cube in a perspective that, it would serve as a colourful toy. But when he wanted to place each colour on each side of the cube, he couldn’t and it took his a month to solve it. And the rest is history!!!

Now, let me share the set of tricks or tips I learned to solve a Rubik’s cube(3*3)! In a 3*3 cube, there are 3 kinds of blocks. 1) Central block with only one coloured piece(cannot be moved). 2) Block consisting of two coloured pieces. 3) Block consisting of three coloured pieces.

Step 1:

On your 3*3 cube, select one side. That may be any side. Now try to make a “+” with the colour on the central piece of the cube.

Here I selected the side with the orange centre.

Here’s how it looks when “+” is done.

Step 2:

The “+” is done, now try to make the two blocks corresponding to each square in the “+” with the same colour downwards. Here’s the picture for it. Look at the picture, the adjacent side to the orange has two squares with the same colour. For the picture on the left, two yellows and two blues. For the picture on the right, two whites and two greens.

Step 3:

Now make the orange side as the base. Select a three coloured piece consisting orange as one colour and the other two colour should match the middle piece of the sides which are to the either sides of the three piece block. Check out the picture below, with orange, yellow and blue containing  three piece block. The blue and yellow colours are on the either faces of the cube(the central piece colour).


Step 4:

If there is a three piece containing orange at the base, then bring it to the top WITHOUT changing the “+” at the base. Hold the cube such that the selected three piece block is to the right hand side. Now, rotate the right most piece in the clock wise direction(R), top piece of the cube in the clock wise direction(T), rotate the right most piece of the cube in the anti-clock  wise direction(R’), top piece of the cube in the anti-clock wise direction(T’). Repeat This RTR’T’ until the orange on the three piece block correctly fit on the base( orange base).

Step 5:

Do this for all the three piece blocks containing orange, and get all the orange pieces to the base.


Practice this over and over!

If we consider this cube with three main horizontal pieces, then we have solved the first main piece here. In the next part, let’s see how to solve the complete Rubik’s cube.

Here’s the part 2 ” ” Check it out! I hope this (how to solve rubik’s cube) helped you.


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