How to solve rubik’s cube? Part-2.

This is the second part in solving the Rubik’s cube.

Here’s the link to the”Part-1” on “How to solve rubik’s cube”. So, in the part-1 we have solved one main horizontal piece. In this part, let’s solve the other two horizontal pieces. Well… This solves the whole cube.


After solving the first horizontal piece of the cube, the second horizontal piece is to be solved. To do that, as shown in the below picture, select a two coloured piece which doesn’t have the colour of the top side of the cube. In this case the white and green piece is selected, it doesn’t contain red.


Now align the green piece with the two greens below. As the second colour of the two piece at the top side of the cube is white, turn the top side to the side that doesn’t consist the white at the central one colour pieced part. In this case, the white is at the left side so, I turned the top side in the anti-clock wise to get the top white to the right.

Now, for this case perform L’T’LT. If in your case, you had to turn clock wise, then, perform RTR’T’. If you are wondering what those notations are, read this:

(rotate the right most piece in the clock wise direction(R),

top piece of the cube in the clock wise direction(T),

rotate the right most piece of the cube in the anti-clock  wise direction(R’),

top piece of the cube in the anti-clock wise direction(T’) , ”   ‘   ” represents anti-clock wise!


Now repeat this all those two coloured pieces without containing red, by making the orange as base and the red as top. After you do this, you will be left with two main horizontal pieces of the cube solved.


Now, we need to obtain a “+” on the top side, in this case the red side. Put the orange at the base and select the side in such a way that, the central red has a red at its left and no red at its bottom.

Now, perform FRTR’T’F’ (F means turning front clock wise and always ”  ‘  ” is anti clock wise).

Repeat this until you get a “+” symbol in red on the top. As shown below.



Now, we need to match or put the three coloured pieces in their position. This means, the three colours in it must match with the colours of the three central pieces of the three sides.

As shown below, the three colours matching with that three coloured piece are white, red, green.

Try to obtain at-least two pieces like that. If, two such three coloured  pieces  are not adjacent to each other, perform RTR’T’*3(three times of RTR’T’) then turn the cube in clockwise once and perform L’T’LT*3(3 times of L’T’LT).




After step-5, you will have two, three coloured pieces adjacently. Now, repeat the above process to obtain all the three coloured pieces at their correct places (Like do perform RTR’T’*3(three times of RTR’T’) then turn the cube in clockwise once and perform L’T’LT*3(3 times of L’T’LT))


Now, get the fully completed orange side to the top and red side as the base. Then start getting each red to the base by doing RTR’T’ without turning the cube in any direction. Just turn the main horizontal piece of the cube until you find a red to your right, on the three coloured piece. Perform RTR’T’  until you obtain all red containing cubes on that side. Turn as shown below.

Checkout the video below while reading the further steps!








If you do this correctly, you will be left with three sides of the cube solved. This is the final step, place the cube such that the orange is at the base. The other two solved colours, one on the top and the other on the front side.

As shown in the pictures above, there is one yellow in green side on to the right side. And there is an yellow side on the back side with only one blue on it. You get three side like this, with one odd colour. Try to set that odd colour side same as that of the colour on the back side. In this case the odd colour is yellow and it is on the right and also on the back. Perform RTR’T’, L’T’LT, RTR’T’*5, L’T’LT*5.


You will be left with a completely solved 3*3 Rubik’s cube.

Thanks for reading “How to solve rubik’s cube”, feel free to shoot your questions. And please do share this, if you like it.


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