Soundpeats QY7 review.

Looking for wireless headphones? Can’t decide what to buy? Well.. I have been there and Soundpeats QY7 was perfect for me. These wireless headphones are even better than a lot of expensive headphones out there. So, here’s the soundpeats qy7 review.


My experience with these headphones is just amazing. Very simple to connect. QY7 can be connected to multiple devices at a time. Easy to take calls, QY7 has a built-in microphone with a decent noice cancellation. I have tested it and it works so well. It notifies us with incoming calls even when connected and running on other devices.

Perfect for workouts, doesn’t fall even while running or skipping. It works on any device that has a latest bluetooth facility, that may be iOS, android, windows or  Blackberry OS. There are two volume buttons on the front of of QY7 and a “multifunction key”, it pretty much does everything you need. It’s the power on/off button, pauses the volume, starts the volume, access siri if you are using iOS, tap once to answer a call, tap twice to reject, double tap to redial, double tap to mute while in call and a lot more to do with this magical multifunction key. Also this magical key glows; Red- Charging, blinking Blue- Working, blinking red and blue- Pairing.

Long press on the volume keys plays next audio or playback. It has a bluetooth 4.1. The maximum working range is 33 feet that is 10 meters. It has a standby time of 175 hours, working time is 5 hours and a 2 hours of charging time.

Sound Quality: The sound quality was surprisingly extraordinary. I have seen some good review on these previously but, when I used these, the sound quality was amazing. QY7’s are loud and clear; mids, highs, bass all are in a very good proportion. But a small edge to the bass. Noice reduction works fine too…

Accessories: We get a lot of accessories with these headphones. Various sizes and shapes of ear hooks, one USB port


We also get a hard carrying case for the headphones


These headphones are resonably priced. Worth buying! Buy them here         

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