How to choose a smartphone…

This is how I choose a “Smart” phone! These tips can help you to answer this question yourself “how to choose a smartphone?”.

The first most important thing is to list out all our requirements. This makes it easy to select a device moreover it’s clever because this helps to cut down the devices with unwanted features.

Now, the most frequently asked is on Operating System!!! “Which OS  is best for me??” Well… it actually depends on how you use and how you like it. There are only a few OS platforms available like iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows, Android, Ubuntu etc.. More or less all those operating systems fulfil our needs, every OS has it’s own unique interface though.

After you have made your list of your requirements and select an OS, now comes the tricky part, tons of devices in the market, what to get? Should I get the device with all the features high in number? or the most expensive one? or a budget phone?

Well… One misconception among people is that, few think that a best phone has all high numbers in the features like high RAM, higher pixels, high PPI(pixels per inch). No that isn’t that way, phone with high PPI and processing power may lag in battery performance. What if you have a lot of cores, RAM, processing speed and all but your phone lag at battery capacity? As soon as you do some heavy stuff of do so much of multitasking, of course you get it in a very high speed, but your phone goes out of juice and you will be searching for a charging point to charge and complete your incomplete business. Or you have a lot of cores but not so much RAM? So, all the features should be in a proportion, all features should be able to support each other.

Sometimes people look at Mega Pixels of a camera to decide the quality of a camera and ignoring the most important features for a camera to be perfect like good image stabilisation, low light imaging, aperture, lens and all.

Built quality is the must… Without built quality it is not possible for all the features to coordinate with one another, with less built quality, the device may give you trouble in long run or even one small part of the device may get damaged with which you may have to throw you phone!

Learn about the device you are willing to get before you actually buy. There are tons of video demos and blog reviews. Watch them read them and then go buy one!

The same goes with any smart device, like a PC, Tablet, TV, smart watch etc… More over same thing goes for any technological or smart device.

So, I hope you got your answer for “how to choose a smartphone?”. And which smart device are you using? or which device are you planning to get? And do visit my article on choosing a processor

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