Top 5 protein sources for bodybuilding.

What ever your fitness goal may be, protein plays a major role. Only the quantity of protein intake changes according to your goal. It is possible to fulfil your protein requirement using only vegetarian sources(protein sources for bodybuilding). There are many successful vegan bodybuilders in the world. Of course they doesn’t have complete protein, but still you can fulfil your protein requirement by including some high protein foods into your diet.

Why protein? You may ask…

Well… As you know, proteins are known for building muscle mass, that is because they release amino acid, which repairs the muscle tissue, inturn helping it grow. To know more about this process checkout Science of muscle building. Before getting into protein sources for vegans, here’s some information.

Apart from this magical journey to muscle growth, proteins also help in many other ways . Proteins increase metabolism. They helps in weight loss because they take more work from the body to digest, more than carbohydrates.

Here we go, these are my favourite vegetarian protein foods…

      1. Nuts:

All the food that comes under nut have a lot of protein. Almonds are just so amazing protein sources for bodybuilding, internet says, 100 grams of almonds has 21 grams of protein . Likewise Cashew, peanut, walnut etc… are a great sources of other nutrients also. We are here talking about protein sources, so, lets not go deep into oher nutrients.

      2.  Dairy products:

Low fat milk has a lot of protein in it. One glass of milk may have upto 10 grams of protein. Paneer, 100 grams of it has 18 grams of protein in it. Curd also has a lot of protein. Even your whey protein is obtained from dairy itself.

      3. Pulses:

Mung dahl is high in protein, it has almost 24 grams of protein in 100 grams of mung dahl. Chickpeas are rich in protein. Almost all the pulses or legumes are rich in protein.

      4. Soya bean:

Tofu or paneer made of soya, 100 grams of it has 8 grams of protein. This soya bean has a whopping 36 grams of protein in 100 grams of soya bean.

      5. Guava, kiwi, avocado, spinach, broccoli:

All these have a greater amount of protein, also these are rich in other essential nutrients. Guava(4.2 grams per cup), Spinach(5 grams per cup), almost the same count goes with the rest.

Taking protein from only one source all day doesn’t help. Various protein sources are to be consumed in a day. One cannot find all these foods in a day. So, divide what you have and eat according to your goal.

So, these are my favourite protein foods or protein sources for bodybuilding, what are yours?

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