Homemade fan (USB fan DIY)!

To make a homemade fan, these are the things you need.

1) 1 USB port.

2) 1 150 RPM motor.

3) One empty plastic bottle.

4) A rectangular box.

5) A straw.

Let’s get started,

Step 1:

Take a usb port and cut the side with micro usb port.

Step 2:

Now, you will see 5 small wires, each with a specific colour. Cut the green and white wire. You will be left with red and black wires.


Step 3:

Take your motor, if that looks something like the one below,

unscrew all the screws, only then you will get the speed you need. You will be left with the motor without the black portion.

If you have no extra stuff connected to the motor, then you are good to go. Now, put the wires of the motor in a straw.

Step 4:

Connect the “+” to the red of the USB and the “-” to the black of the USB. Solder the wires carefully.

Step 5:

Take a plastic bottle, and cut it as shown in the image below. Don’t throw the bottle’s cap yet, you need it to attach the propeller to the motor. Propeller? We are about to make it.

Step 6:

Cut that piece of bottle in such a way that, the cuts are perpendicular to the bottle’s cap side. And then fold those partially cut pieces until you get the shape of the one present in the image below. That’s our propeller.

Step 7:

Put a hole on the cap, in such a way that the motors rotor fits the hole perfectly. If not, apply some glue. Put the cap and motor setup back on the propeller we made. And put all that setup and stich it on a box or something which is convenient for the length of your propeller.

Step 8:

This is the final step, plug in the USB to your laptop or PC or  plug it directly to your plug point through your phones charger or you can even connect it to your power bank.


It doesn’t throw you away with the wind it blows;), but it surely serves you with a decent amount. The homemade fan.




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