Top free VPNs for PC and smart phones. And using them!

Before getting into all the good stuff on using VPN, let’s see what actually is VPN, and why do people use it? VPN is Virtual Private Network, as its name goes, VPN basically changes the identity on the internet who ever uses it. Changes in the sense that, it mainly changes the location and IP of the one using it. Before getting into the free vpn.

How this helps?

Well… VPN helps you use and work on the internet safely from the hackers. Also allows users to use the content on the internet that is unavailable in their specific region. Some websites cannot be accessed in some regions, that can be solved by VPN, this helps users to access and continue their work.

Now, the good stuff you are all waiting to read, How to use a free VPN on any device?

1)Let’s start with the PC, there are a lot of VPN services online, paid and free. Of course we are now talking about the free ones though.

->The one I personally like and use is “Opera browser”. There is a VPN option on Opera which has unlimited data for VPN and fast when compared to many. You can also select your desired location out of a few.

*Here are the steps to use VPN on Opera browser.

Step 1: Open up this link Download link , and install opera on to your device.

Step 2: Once you install it, open it and go to setting of the browser. Go to privacy and security. then enable VPN.

free vpn

That’s it, you are done, you will get a blue colour display with VPN on it at the starting of the url on your browse, when ever you search for something.

free vpn


To check if your IP has changed, go to .

->Other way is to use a VPN on your PC is to download a VPN service software. Among the VPN services i used, I feel Psiphon is good. Go to and download it. As soon as you open it, Psiphon starts connecting and you will also get option to select location from a few options.

*Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1:

Go to and download the file that is suitable for the PC you use.

free vpn

Step 2:

Just hit on your suitable file with respect to the one you use. The file starts dwnloading.

free vpn

Step 3:

You will see an icon like the image shown below. Open it and you will be connected automatically. You can also choose a country you want to be displayed at.

free vpnfree vpnfree vpn

You can check if your IP has changed, at .


2) Now, to enable VPN on a mobile phone, there are a few apps to do this. Two of those which I used were Betternet and VPN master.


Step 1: Search for Betternet on playstore or appstore, download and install it. Here’s the link for it on AppStore Better net on AppStore

free vpn

Once you did that, open it up and it asks for your permission to run. After that hit connect in the app. It connects to the fastest server automatically.

free vpnfree vpn

-> The second one is VPN MASTER.


Step 1: Download the app from play-store or app-store. And open it.VPN master on appstore

free vpn

Step 2: If you just hit go, it connects to the fastest server. Or you want a specific country, hit on the top right corner, which looks like a location symbol. Then you will get to choose a country from a list. Hit it and you are connected.

free vpn

Go to and check for it.

free vpn

And I am not in London! 😉 It works…

Hope this read helped you.


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